Year One

The first year of development is the most rapid. Around the age of six weeks, children begin to become aware of their surroundings and become attached to their primary caregiver(s). From that point on, children continue to develop to the point where they are able to explore their surroundings, explore objects using their hands/mouth, and crawl/sit up on their own.

The following developmental milestones should occur during the first year of life:

Motor Skills

  • Sitting without assistance
  • Crawling on hands and knees
  • Stands without assistance for several seconds
  • Begins to grasp objects using finger/thumb

Cognitive Skills

  • Plays peek-a-boo with caregiver
  • Develops memory (such as putting out hand for parent to place a glove)
  • Plays with toys such as balls and blocks

Language Skills

  • Waves "bye bye" when someone leaves
  • Understands "no" and other simple commands
  • Begins attempting to use words other than "dada" or "mama"

Social Emotional Development Skills

  • Not entirely comfortable around strangers
  • Smiles when he/she sees primary caregiver (facial recognition)
  • Cries if sad
  • Enjoys playing

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