Year Two

The second year marks the child's departure from depending solely on the primary caregiver for attention. In the second year, children are likely to begin exploring their surroundings in earnest by climbing, playing with toys, and walking.

The child should also begin playing simple games by his/herself and with other children of similar ages. The child should also have a firm grasp on the word "no" and fully understand its meaning as a command.

The following developmental milestones should occur during the second year of life:

Motor Skills

  • Walking by him/herself
  • Throws objects
  • Begins climbing on furniture

Cognitive Skills

  • Matches shapes to proper container
  • Pretends to eat toy food
  • Comprehends simple commands

Language Skills

  • Forms simple sentences to communicate with caregivers
  • Begins to memorize body parts
  • Enjoys stories/ being read to by caregivers

Social Emotional Development Skills

  • Possessive/does not like to share
  • Comfortable playing by themselves
  • Independent streak-- prefers to do things for him/herself

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