Year Four

Four is the common age for children to start preschool. It is natural for children to experience anxiety for a brief amount of time upon entering preschool. However, anxiety should disappear as the child begins to establish a new routine. Other developments during the fourth year often include learning colors, shapes, and reading words for familiar objects.

At the age of four, children should be utilizing their motor skills to play and interact with children of similar age. The child should also be able to handle his/her own toileting needs by the age of four as well.

The following developmental milestones should occur during the fourth year of life:

Motor Skills

  • Can kick/throw/catch a ball
  • Ability to draw basic shapes such as circles and squares
  • Ability to balance on each foot

Cognitive Skills

  • Can use the bathroom by his/herself
  • Recognizes and names colors
  • Can count to 10

Language Skills

  • Tells stories with relative ease
  • Comfortable with basic grammar such as future and past tense
  • Asks questions

Social Emotional Development Skills

  • Interacts and plays well with other children
  • Responds to authority figures such as teachers
  • Seeks independence-- dresses self, helps make sandwich, buckles own seatbelt, etc.

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