Year Five

Most children begin kindergarten at the age of five. By this stage of their development, children have reached the point where they can perform a variety of physical tasks with relative ease including swinging, climbing, and hopping.

In terms of social and language development, most five year olds are able to follow rules, make friends, and understand the requests made by authority figures such as parents and teachers. The child should also begin speaking in complete sentences and should also have the ability to count to ten.

The following developmental milestones should occur during the fifth year of life:

Motor Skills

  • Can hop on one foot
  • Comfortable using fork/spoon
  • Can draw/copy shapes and remember their names

Cognitive Skills

  • Recognizes and names colors
  • Begins identifying body parts
  • Recognizes his/her name when written

Language Skills

  • Understands terms such as "on," "around," and "over."
  • Speaks in complete sentences
  • Uses past, present, and future tense

Social Emotional Development Skills

  • Enjoys dancing and singing
  • Attempts to form friendships with children of similar age
  • Follows rules without much disagreement

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