About Us

Our Mission

The School Foundation promotes educational excellence in Florence, SC School District 1 through grants for innovative learning and through high impact initiatives designed to prepare all students for success.


Florence School District One and The School Foundation collaborated on a Needs Assessment study which was completed in 2009. The study identified five key drivers for success in FSD1. These key drivers are three to five goals and can drive program planning. The key drivers are as follows:

  • Building community involvement
  • Increasing preschool education and links to elementary school
  • Establishing high elementary school achievement levels
  • Coordinating and expanding use of teams in middle school
  • Encouraging innovative leadership at all levels.

The School Foundation will focus on the above drivers and strive to work with Florence School District One on obtaining these goals.

Ongoing Progress

Since its inception, The School Foundation has done the following:

  • Rejuvenated its board
  • Formalized its meeting schedule
  • Held strategic planning sessions
  • Hired Executive Director Debbie Hyler
  • Implemented sophisticated office software for financial reports and donor tracking
  • Agreed to use 4% of the endowment, plus half of the net funds raised each year for grant purposes
  • Revised its grant process to include, among other items, guidelines on measuring a grant's effectiveness
  • Established a Council of Parent Leaders to get input from active and involved parents of FSD1 students
  • Joined forces with FSD1 on a Needs Assessment survey to establish 5 key drivers for educational success in the district
  • Partnered with FSD1 on StartSMART, a school readiness program focusing on preparing all children for kindergarten.